Email July 21st 2011
Subject: Christmas in July! Free tote bag

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It's a great time to get ready for Christmas!


Yes, it's July, and Christmas is the farthest thing from our minds! But, there's no better time to stock up on bargains. Shop in July and you'll get the best prices on Christmas gifts, plus everything is in stock! When busy December rolls around, you'll be thrilled you already tucked it away!

We have the best quality toys and games. And with your purchase, let us treat you to a FREE "Happy Birthday Jesus" tote bag, just the perfect size to hold goodies for a neighbor or teacher . . . while supplies last.

Hurry—sale ends July 31!

Merry Christmas, in advance!


*P.S. Don't miss these wonderful things:



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Pay no sales tax (except in Utah).

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Stretchy Mice and Cheese 

Two adorable white stretchy mice can find lots of hiding places in this block of super stretchy cheese. Very fun to play with and appealing!

Take a lookOur Price $4.99


Little Red Accordion  23% Off

Anytime anyone plays this small-sized accordion in my home, someone comments that they feel like they are at a sidewalk cafe in Paris—and that is just what it sounds like! This quality wooden accordion is a real musical instrument with a loud yet mellow tone that is easy to learn and sounds so very professional. Includes explanation on how an accordion works, instructions on how to play and some simple songs. I love to hear this!

Take a lookRetail Price $30.00Our Price $22.99


Glitter Locker Safe Bank  33% Off

Store your valuables in your very own locker with key and combination lock. Inside you'll find a special slide out box to hold coins and small valuables. Each locker safe comes with its own unique combination. Locker door is glittery! Assorted "girl" colors, 10" tall.

Take a lookRetail Price $15.00Our Price $9.99


Moon in my Room  46% Off

Bring the moon inside your very own room! This fabulous light-up moon mounts right in your bedroom or family room to show its loveliness! Authentically detailed lunar moonscape makes it feel like you are up close and personal. Built-in sensor illuminates the moon when it gets dark. Enjoy the 12 main phases of the moon. Discovery guide with calendar, moon phase charts and instruction. 15 minute audio CD provides a guided tour to the moon and beyond. Auto shut-off to preserve battery life. infrared remote control included. Easily mounts to wall with three different hanging options. Requires 2 AAA and 4 AA batteries (not included). 10" diameter.

Take a lookRetail Price $37.00Our Price $19.99


Ramp Racer  12% Off

This quality made Ramp Racer is just the right size for your little car fan! Place a car at the top of the ramp and watch it boomerang down to the finish! Compact 7" x 11 1/2" size is easy to store when play time is over. Four wooden race cars (red, green, yellow and blue) have super-fast rolling wheels to add to the excitement. Ages toddler an dup.

Take a lookRetail Price $25.00Our Price $21.99


Amazing Money Jar  20% Off

Slip your coins into the slot in the lid and this amazing bank will add them up as you drop them in! LCD display keeps a running total that makes kids want to earn and add more! Plus, sturdy plastic bank is unbreakable and safe. Unscrew the top to take money out anytime. Uses 2 "AA" batteries (not included). 6" tall.

Take a lookRetail Price $14.99Our Price $11.99


Shaving in the Tub  23% Off

Ready for some good clean fun' This pretend-play shaving kit is loaded with all the accessories your youngster needs to be just like Dad. Your child can give himself a squeaky clean "shave" while he bathes! Kit comes with Rub a Dub foaming body soap, shaver, lather brush, comb and mirror.

Take a lookRetail Price $12.99Our Price $9.99


Rub-a-Dub Laundry Day   23% Off

Keep your little ones happily playing during bath time with this fun fill-and-spill toy! Play laundry in the tub by dipping the "dirty" clothes into warm water and watch the stains disappear. Magic ink spots disappears in warm bath water and reappears as they cool. Clothes stick magnetically to the side of the bathtub too, so you can "hang" them up to dry! Includes 12 pieces of laundry, plus a laundry basket. For ages 2 to 6 years.

Take a lookRetail Price $12.99Our Price $9.99


Play and Grow Peacock  21% Off

This top-selling toy, made by Lamaze, is sure to stimulate and delight babies with its soft velour body and its multiple texture, bright colors and crinkles peek-a-boo mirror and squeaker. Lamaze link allows it to connect easily to stroller, carrier and diaper bag. Large, friendly eyes invite baby to focus and stare at a single object, which helps calm baby while supporting healthy eye development. An award winner for newborn and up.

Take a lookRetail Price $13.99Our Price $10.99


Pop-Up Farm IQ  50% Off

Amazing photo pop-ups jump right from the middle of each page you turn, to bring farm animals up close! See a chick hatch, and a big sunflower bloom, plus lots of other enjoyments! Interesting animal and farm facts on each page make this book for little ones fun to read. Glossy stiff paper is durable. Ages 4 and up.

Take a lookRetail Price $5.95Our Price $2.99


Emma Moody Bear Puzzle  17% Off

Ernest and Emma Bear feel just like we do, and their faces show it too! Complete with revealing facial expressions, these cute wooden dress-up bears are really a puzzle with 18 interchangeable pieces. Clever wooden box with lid acts as a play surface. Children learn self-control and emotional honesty by talking about their feelings—here's a good place to start! Ages 2 years and up.

Take a lookRetail Price $6.00Our Price $4.99

Wooden String-a-Farm  19% Off

Little ones love to string these wooden chunky barnyard animals together to create a farmyard of fun. Includes cotton string, stopper, wooden "needle", and 12 wooden figures that could be used for imaginative play too! Ages 3 years and up.

Take a lookRetail Price $15.99Our Price $12.99


Lacing Beads  23% Off

Natural wood gives these 30 bright and durable beads a nice feel and weight. Set stores neatly in a wooden case and includes lacing cords. An excellent activity for preparing for handwriting. Compare at $20.

Take a lookRetail Price $13.00Our Price $9.99


Jacob's Ladder 

These flip-flop blocks intrigue every child with their visual illusion. Colorful painted wooden blocks are connected with ribbon. A classic toy!

Take a lookOur Price $3.99


Wooden Car Carrier  15% Off

This adorable play vehicle comes loaded with 4 colorful cars. The upper ramp swivels lower for quick, dual-level loading. The trailer easily unhooks from the cab and re-attaches when its time to hit the road! Quality, sturdy wooden toys last a lifetime! 12" x 6.5" x 2.75" Ages 2 and up.

Take a lookRetail Price $20.00Our Price $16.99


Vehicles Mix 'N Match 

Beep-beep—let's drive! Each puzzle piece fits with its other half to make a vehicle, or you can mix them up to form your own creations. Each piece has a colorful illustration underneath too! Quality thick wood puzzle has little pegs helping children to develop fine motor skills. 12" x 9". Ages 2 to 5 years.

Take a lookOur Price $7.99


Freddy the Fireman  34% Off

Dress Freddy in sticker outfits for fighting fires, providing emergency medical treatment—even for parades and formal occasions. Hats, shoes, boots, tools, other accessories. 4 x 6".

Take a lookRetail Price $1.50Our Price $0.99


Stacking Pegs  13% Off

Sorting, counting, creating patterns, and developing fine motor skills are "get-me-ready-to-learn" activities—and they just think they are having fun with these brightly colored stacking pegs! Pegs nudge into rubber pegboard base and can be stacked securely on top of each other, higher and higher. Virtually indestructible plastic pegs are even safe for 2-year-olds. The pegboard set comes with base and 25 pegs. This is the "fought-over-toy" among toddlers! Age 2 years and older.

Take a lookRetail Price $15.00Our Price $12.99


Tall Stacker Pegs Building Set  18% Off

What could be more fun than our Stacking Pegs (above)? A stacking peg construction set! This is truly a child's first building set and everyone wants to play with it! Includes 100 pegs, a big 100-hole base mat, plus additional mats to build new levels on. For ages 3 and up. Four times as many pegs and action at an economical price!

Take a lookRetail Price $39.99Our Price $32.99


Gears! Gears! Gears! Beginner's Building Set  11% Off

Gears are fascinating to children! Features 95 sturdy plastic pieces that snap together. Let your child's creative imagination decide which way to build, then turn the gears for action and excitement. Or use the easy color-coded building directions to create something amazing. Includes spinning gears, pillars, connectors, cranks to set creations in motion and interlocking plates for limitless building. An award-winning toy! Ages 3 to 10 years.

Take a lookRetail Price $26.99Our Price $23.99


Crazy Action Contraptions—A Lego Creation Book 

Wow! Lego lovers will thrill to get their hands on this intriguing instruction book and create wonderful action contraptions! Glossy wire bound book details every step of the way. Kit includes every Lego brick, gear, and axle you need (and then some) to make 16 never-before-seen high performance projects! Build a Battle Top Spinner, a Squeezeclaw Grabber, a Supercharged Speedster, a Wall Rocket Racer and much more! Contains super simple, crazy-clear photo instructions

Take a lookRetail Price $21.95Our Price $19.99


Sea Monkeys (Ocean Zoo) 

There is something fascinating about growing sea monkeys! My son Ammon sure was enthused to be able to pour a packet full of sea monkey eggs into the tank of water and watch them hatch, and gradually develop and grow larger and larger! No need to clean the tank and they only need feeding every week. Sea monkeys (actually brine shrimp) will live for about 1 year and they even produce babies. This classic science project has been around for decades. Kit includes tank, food, and 32 page handbook. Absolutely guaranteed to live.

Take a lookOur Price $12.99


Under-the-Sea Giant Floor Puzzle  23% Off

Explore the wonders of the deep, blue sea in this vibrantly illustrated cardboard puzzle. 2' x 3' when assembled, the 48 extra-thick pieces are 20% thicker than other puzzles. Easy-clean surface keeps puzzle looking new. For ages 3 years and up.

Take a lookRetail Price $13.00Our Price $9.99


Lizard Squishimals 

Squeeze and stretch all you want with these highly durable lizards. Lizard is 12" long, and stretches way, way out to at least twice it's original length!

Take a lookOur Price $3.99

Mars Mud 

We first encountered Mars Mud in the Nasa Center museum souvenir shop. Louisa's souvenir became the coveted one amongst our children, because it is so tactile: metallic, squishy, oozy, bouncy, and fragrant! Container holds 2x the amount of silly putty eggs, and is much more fun, according to my kids!

Mars MudOur Price $2.99
Set of 2Retail Price $5.95Our Price $4.99
#11946Q2 #09918Q2


Hydro-Clock  17% Off

How do the brightest minds tell time? No batteries are required to power this futuristic clock. Fill it with any liquid—water, juice, even milk—and it will keep accurate time and date displayed. Includes instructions. Size: 1" x 2".

Take a lookRetail Price $6.00Our Price $4.99


Balloon Boat 

This classic wooden toy is also a fun science experiment! Blow up the balloon, place the boat in water and watch the boat putt around, air-propelled. Fascinating for kids 4-11 years.

Take a lookOur Price $4.99


Wooden Cork Guns  17% Off

Fun pop-gun makes enough noise to be thrilling! Cork is attached with a cord, so no need to chase it. The minute you start playing with it, everyone else wants to "try it" too! Fun for ages 3 and up. Set of 2 cork guns.

Set of 2Retail Price $6.00Our Price $4.99


Pirate Adventures!  13% Off

Ahoy matey! You'll have all you need for an imaginative pirate adventure: felt pirate hat, metal treasure chest with lock and key, paper treasure map, and 2 drawstring bags of loot (one of jewels, and one of gold coins).

Take a lookRetail Price $7.99Our Price $6.99


Chess Teacher  14% Off

Learn to play chess with this great set for beginners! Each playing piece shows its name, exactly how it can move and in which directions. No reading required. Comes complete with playing board. A great start in a classic game!

Take a lookRetail Price $18.50Our Price $15.99


Snap Trap Game 

Hens and Chickens, Snap Trap . . . there are lots of names for this very old-fashioned game that little ones love. A spring holds the wooden disks in tension. Remove one . . . will it snap? Try another! The suspense builds, until finally the spring snaps and it is the next player's turn. The one who can collect the most disks is the winner. Adults and children can both enjoy this game, based on chance and skill. Our little boys from age 4 and up thought it was the greatest!

Take a lookRetail Price $11.00Our Price $9.99


Made You Look  17% Off

What an engrossing book! If you want to keep your kids occupied, quiet, happy and learning, try this book for long car rides, waits in the Dr. office, and more. Packed with every variety of visual amusement you can think of: hidden pictures, matching games, needle-in-a-haystack searches, what's-wrong-with-these-pictures, super close-up mystery photos, visual puns and more. Much, much more—paintings, photographs, special effects and collages that captivate and confound in equal measure. Spiral-bound, 60 oversized full-color pages for ages 8 to adult.

Take a lookRetail Price $16.95Our Price $13.99


The Only Activity Book You'll Ever Need  20% Off

This is the one and only keep-me-busy book that I have ever needed for my kids whenever we travel or have to sit in a waiting room. It is amazing that so many fun activities can be packed into one book! You'll find dot-to-dots, puzzles, hidden pictures, unfinished drawings, mazes, fold-ups, crayon-and-paper play, games, giggles and goofy stuff that keeps high interest. Comes packaged with five brightly-colored twist-up colors, extra-long, soft wax pencils housed in plastic tubes, making them nearly indestructible and unbreakable. Very entertaining! Spiral bound, 118 pages, for ages 4 and up.

Take a lookRetail Price $14.95Our Price $11.99


Make Your Own Gummies Kit 

Kids love gummy worms, but the real treat is in learning how they are made! Kit includes all the ingredients you will need plus detailed instructions. Fun and educational.

Take a lookOur Price $11.99


Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit 

Welcome to the sticky business of making your own gum! Kit comes with chicle gum base (the real stuff from the rain forests of Guatemala), confectioner's sugar, corn syrup, peppermint flavoring, tutti frutti flavoring, and a little container for cooking so you don't gum up Mom's nice pan. Nowadays, gum you buy in the store is made from fake stuff: synthetic gum base and chemicals. It is fun to see how it's really made from the chicle of the Sapodilla tree. Instructions included.

Take a lookOur Price $11.99


Make Your Own Chocolate Kit 

Visit the culture of the ancient Aztecs and discover why cacao was so important to them. Inside you'll find the raw materials you need to create something delicious to eat, and sacred to the ancient Americans. Kit even contains some real cacao beans—which taste surprisingly different from what you'd expect! Also includes booklet: "The Story of Chocolate". Makes 8 oz. of dark chocolate.

Take a lookOur Price $11.99

Rosy Cheeks Baby Doll  28% Off

I looked long and hard to find just the right baby doll, and when I saw this soft and sweet doll, I knew it was "the one"! What a perfect doll to give to a little one who is about to become the Big Sister or the Big Brother! Made of super soft velour with delightful embroidered facial features, this cuddly baby doll is dressed in an easy-to-remove wrap top and fuzzy diaper with velcro closures to make it simple for little hands. This new baby wears a darling newborn cap, and an ID bracelet (just like Mommy's baby from the hospital) to be personalized with the new baby's name.

What I think makes this doll so special is that it has some very endearing features that make it like a real baby: an "outie" belly button, pudgie legs and a wrinkled little newborn bottom. Hold this baby up to your shoulder and its head will wobble a bit just like a newborn! 15 inches long and lightweight—just the ideal size for a little one to carry around and to sleep and snuggle with. Bigger girls think this doll is extra-adorable too and will enjoy dressing it!

Blonde Baby GirlRetail Price $25.00Our Price $17.99
Dark Baby BoyRetail Price $25.00Our Price $17.99
#11588Q2 #11988Q2


The Sweetest Doll!  22% Off

Every year I do a most-thorough search! It takes me weeks of research. I look at every website, in every specialty toy store . . . everywhere.

What am I looking for? The perfect doll, of course. A sweet, innocent, non-Barbie that a little girl can snuggle and sleep with and dress and rock to sleep and be a mother to. A soft-bodied dolly—not with a hard face. Amazingly, there are not that many dolls that fit those specifications. But I found just what I was sleuthing for!

May I present to you the sweetest doll on the market! She is 18" tall, which means she'll fit easily in standard doll clothes. She is super-easy to dress—a very important factor when you are considering happy play for your little one. She wears an easy to remove top and jumper that use velcro closings. She is snuggly and soft as can be, which is crucial if you are going to take her to bed. Her hair is full and soft. And she radiates sweetness!

Lovely little details make her adorable, such as a charming little button nose, embroidered eyes and lips, bows in her hair, embroidered needlework on her jumper. Another detail that I always look for and appreciate is that she is wearing permanent undies, with a flower on the front of them. A nice touch!

And she wears removable Mary Jane shoes—now that is very important to a girl!

This sweet doll fits wonderfully in our little stroller. This doll has the cutest curly hair and dark tan skin tone. 18", surface washable.

Take a lookRetail Price $32.00Our Price $24.99


Utterly Elegant Tea Parties  23% Off

My girls found this darling itty-bitty tea set and recipe book utterly delightful! Easy-to-make recipes for miniature food that you can really eat include the hit, Cinnamon Roll-ups. Just use a rolling pin to flatten a piece of bread, sprinkle with cinnamon and honey or sugar, and roll up. Cut into teeny-weeny cinnamon rolls that fit on the tiny plates. Book includes a darling miniature, plastic tea set, complete with teacups, saucers, plates, bowls, and tiny knives, forks, spoons . . . and a teapot that really works! Invite your doll, Daddy or other guest for a hot chocolate Teddy Bear party, a Princess party, a Fairy party, or a Doll party with special menus, place cards and placemats. Photo illustrated and charming. Please invite me! Spiral bound, 22 pages, for ages 4 and up.

Take a lookRetail Price $12.95Our Price $9.99


"Everything's Coming Up Roses" Tin Tea Set  20% Off

Delight the little girl in your life with this pink and pretty tea set! Tin basket is decorated with textured embossed roses. Tea service for 4 includes tea cups, saucers, dessert plates, and a real tea pot that can pour. Unbreakable and charming! Basket is 8" long. For ages 2 -12 years.

Take a lookRetail Price $24.99Our Price $19.99


My Very Own Horse Book  15% Off

Everything your horse-lover would want to know about horses is here, from gaits and grooming, to breeds and body language, to neighs and nickers (there's a difference)! To apply all this horse sense, this book/kit includes a collector-quality model horse: hand-painted and wonderful. Make him a blanket, saddle and bridle with all the trimmings (all materials and step-by-step directions are included). 68 pages, full color photo illustrations, ages 8 and up.

Take a lookRetail Price $19.95Our Price $16.99


Princess Elise Magnetic Dress Up Doll  23% Off

This is an absolutely quality toy that is a delight to play with! Wooden wooden doll is 3/4" thick and stands in her sturdy wooden stand or can be removed for play. Dress her in her royal wardrobe (24 pieces) complete with crowns, gowns, hats and even a fur coat set. Everything stores neatly in a quality wooden storage box with sliding see through lid. Little girls 3 to 11 years think Princess Elise is adorable!

Take a lookRetail Price $12.99Our Price $9.99


Paper Fashions: Fancy!  18% Off

Louisa loves this design-your-own-outfits kit! She has made a whole wardrobe of unique clothes that are truly artistic. Budding fashion designers will be able to give their creativity full range with all the unique tools for fashioning clothing! Spiral-bound idea book comes bound with ribbons, sequins, sticky gems, glittering embellishments, and glue. Just trace inside the plastic stencils onto the colorful paper "fabrics" to build your design. Combine all types of sleeves, necklines, skirts, tops, and accessories to make just the right outfit! You'll get scads of acid free patterned papers, luxurious textured papers, and plastic design stencils to turn your imagination into a reality. When your special design is finished, hang it on a tiny metal hanger or display it on a mannequin!

Take a lookRetail Price $21.95Our Price $17.99


Balloon Twisting  25% Off

Pump up those long skinny balloons and with a twist here and there, create amazing sculptures, toys, hats, props, and costume pieces that inspire imaginative play. Fairy wings, Viking helmets and more. 40 balloons in 8 colors gives you plenty of practice. My son Ammon delights the kids at birthdays with a customized masterpiece! Be a hero, be awesome, create something quick, fun and kid-thrilling! Wire bound sturdy 58 page book plus pump and balloons for ages 8+.

Take a lookRetail Price $19.95Our Price $14.99


Pipecleaners Gone Crazy   23% Off

Bend, curl, twist and loop! Transform fuzzy pipe cleaners into bears, penguins, bees, daisies, lions, tigers, and more. Kit includes 75 premium pipe cleaners in vivid colors and a step-by-step photo- illustrated how-to book. I knew pipe cleaners were fun, but really didn't know how to show my kids how to play with them until I found this clever book. Really entertaining, creative stuff for ages 4 years and up.

Take a lookRetail Price $12.95Our Price $9.99


Melty Beads  23% Off

Take some colorful plastic beads, put them in a creative design on a pegboard, get your Mom to iron across them with your help, of course, and presto! —off pops a permanent piece of art (and very fun standup toy)! We love this classic activity, but the tiny frustration-sized beads you'll find on the market made this project less than kid-friendly-until Melty Beads arrived! Just set the clear pegboard on top each page and place the colorful jumbo beads in place to make animal creations and pretty designs. Kit includes color pattern book, 600 colorful big beads, a sturdy plastic pegboard, and an ironing sheet. This is one addictively fun hobby for creative kids 4 years and up!

Take a lookRetail Price $12.95Our Price $9.99


Velvet Art  15% Off

Create fabulous fuzzy masterpieces! Each velvet page has spaces to color with ten vividly colored markers. It's goof-proof because even if your marker goes out of the lines, it doesn't show up on the black velvet—only the brilliant "stained glass" images shine through! Kit includes oodles of velvet art pages, markers, and step-by-step instruction to make loads of projects. For ages 6 and up. My kids love this kit!

Take a lookRetail Price $19.95Our Price $16.99


Window Art 

What fun! What delight! What creativity! My children enjoyed this kit immensely. Just lay a rigid plastic sheet over an image and then squeeze out a paint outline. Fill in the spaces with the colorful tubes of special paint. Let your creation dry and "voila!" peel off a stained-glass vivid vinyl cling to decorate your mirrors and windows! Emily made us a big smiling sun that graced our basement window all through a dark winter and is still glowing bright. Six fade-proof colors plus black outline and all needed supplies are included, along with a Klutz book full of creative ideas! We love it!

Take a lookOur Price $21.99


Spiral Draw Book  15% Off

Ammon loved this book! Kit includes 4 sturdy design wheels that snap into a frame to create zillions of fascinating spiral designs! The book stimulates your imagination with lots of creative activities to work right on the pages, from "Scratch-a-Doodle" to "Spiral Soak Art." Includes 3 special gel pens too. A very fun art book!

Take a lookRetail Price $19.95Our Price $16.99


Friendship Stamp Set 

Rainbows, hearts, butterflies, teddy bears— 8 rubber stamps are fun to use to decorate with. Set also includes a two-color inkpad and 5 colored pencils conveniently contained in a sturdy wooden box for organizing and storage. Washable, non-toxic kid-friendly ink. 8" x 8". For ages 4 and up.

Take a lookOur Price $9.99


Deluxe Wooden Handle Stamp Set  20% Off

With a special handle to keep your little one's fingers far from the six-color inkpad and six different stamps to choose from, stamping fun will be endless! The handy case keeps the stamps and pad organized! Washable, non-toxic kid-friendly ink. Ages: 4+ years

Take a lookRetail Price $15.00Our Price $11.99


Washable Purple Stamp Pad, Grape scented  20% Off

Washable grape-scented stamp pad.

Take a lookRetail Price $5.00Our Price $3.99


Rainbow 6 Color Stamp Pad 

The 6 bright colors of this value-priced inkpad will keep kids stamping in style! Featuring primary and secondary colors! Washable, non-toxic kid-friendly ink. Ages: 4+ years

Take a lookOur Price $5.99

Christmas Goodies!


Come Let Us Adore Him, Boxed Christmas Cards  46% Off

Every year I yearn to send a Christmas card that shares my wonder at the miracle for our Savior's birth, and I have a hard time finding anything more than Santa, Rudolph or cozy fireside scenes. This beautiful painting of Mary and her precious son Jesus is presented on elegant, fine-quality textured paper. Box of 16 cards with envelopes. Send these to the ones you love best!

Take a lookRetail Price $12.95Our Price $6.99


Little Advent Calendar Sticker Activity  34% Off

Decorate (and redecorate) a cozy room with 36 reusable stickers of peppermint sticks, stars, tree ornaments, toys, other cheerful seasonal images. 4 pages, ages 3 to 10.

Take a lookRetail Price $1.50Our Price $0.99

Nativity Dress-up Costumes  44% Off

Re-enact the first Christmas with costumes! 100% polyester robes are washable and fit children ages 11 to 14 years. Robe can be pulled up at the waist and belted to fit a younger child. Includes pull-over-the-head robe plus an easy on-and-off cloth headdress. Just add a doll (or your littlest one) to act the part of Baby Jesus and let the play begin!

MaryRetail Price $8.95Our Price $4.99
JosephRetail Price $8.95Our Price $4.99
Both Mary and Joseph costumesRetail Price $17.90Our Price $8.99
#10670Q2 #10789Q2 #10801Q2


Aaron's Secret Message  87% Off

The creator of the best-selling Rainbow Fish book offers a special Christmas gift for families to share, a simple, moving nativity story. This vividly-illustrated picture book tells the story of how a little boy becomes an important part of the birth of a babe in Bethlehem. You'll enjoy this! Large, oversized hardbound book with glitter cover for ages 4 to 10 years.

Take a lookRetail Price $14.99Our Price $1.99


"Santa's Christmas Prayer" Ornament  70% Off

Santa kneeling in worship of the baby Jesus—now that is the true perspective I want my children to have about Santa! 4" resin ornament is comes gift boxed with the full poem of "Santa's Christmas Prayer" printed on the box. The most important verses of the poem are printed on the back of the ornament itself. A treasure that is sure to be pondered every Christmas to come.

Take a lookRetail Price $10.00Our Price $2.99


Nativity Tote Bag  21% Off Hurry, while supplies last!

Tuck goodies or manger scene pieces in the canvas tote bag. 8 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 8 1/4" with 9" nylon handles.

Take a lookOur Price $0.99


Easy Christmas Origami  24% Off

This how-to-guide—complete with clearly illustrated folding diagrams and simple directions—makes it easy to add a personal touch to your holidays with handmade ornaments and other decorations. In no time at all you'll be trimming a Christmas tree with bright origami stars, candy canes, and other traditional ornaments, and decorating rooms with paper stockings, colorful Santas, and little gift boxes.

Ideal for children but equally appropriate for beginning paper-folders of all ages, this excellent introduction to origami takes you step-by-step through twenty-eight festive projects.

Take a lookRetail Price $3.95Our Price $2.99


Babushka Nesting Doll  27% Off

Hand-painted babushka doll contains many generations to come right within her! What an inspiring concept! One of my children's favorite treasures. 4" wooden doll with four more dolls inside. Made in Belarus.

Take a lookRetail Price $16.50Our Price $11.99


Nutcracker Suite CD  28% Off

Set the tone of Christmas with Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite highlights by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra. Wonderful dancing music for little ballerinas too!

Take a lookRetail Price $6.95Our Price $4.99


King is Born Storybook  57% Off

Tell the real story of Christmas with this colorful picture storybook about the birth of Jesus. Weaving together the accounts found the the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, you'll have the accurate details to tell your children or grandchildren The Greatest Story Ever Told. Paperback, 9 x 12", 35 pages, for ages 4 to 12 years.

Take a lookRetail Price $6.95Our Price $2.99


Happy Birthday Jesus Tote Bag  FREE!

Little tote bag is perfect for little gifts, goodies, storing nativity figures, and more. Cloth bag with handles. 6".

Take a lookRetail Price $3.99FREE with any purchase from this email!

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Your toys are the absolute best quality! They've lasted through 5 kids and are now being played with by my grandkids! — Elaine, Idaho

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What will your kids turn out like? Come read how YOU affect the outcome in Diane's blog: Heart-to-Heart with Diane.

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